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Podiatry & Orthopedic Services

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Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care by Dr. Monif M. Matouk and Dr. Sarah Matouk


Experience top-tier care for your foot and ankle health with our skilled physicians, Dr. Monif M. Matouk and Dr. Sarah Matouk.

As certified wound care specialists and experts in the field of podiatry, we offer a wide range of services to address various conditions, ensuring your comfort and mobility.


Our Specialized Foot and Ankle Services Include:

- Foot & Ankle Pain: We provide expert diagnosis and personalized treatment plans to alleviate pain and improve your quality of life.

- Diabetic Foot Care: Tailored care for individuals with diabetes, focusing on preventing complications and managing diabetic foot issues.

- Ulcers & Wound Care: Certified wound care specialists skilled in managing and healing chronic wounds and ulcers.

- Orthotics & Diabetic Shoes: Custom orthotic solutions and diabetic footwear to enhance comfort and support.

-Corrective Surgery: Surgical interventions for various foot and ankle conditions, ensuring long-term relief and improved function.

- Bunions & Hammer Toes: Effective treatments for painful bunions and hammer toes, restoring foot health.

- Congenital & Acquired Deformations: Expert care for congenital and acquired deformities, addressing aesthetic and functional concerns.

- Ingrown Toe Nails: Gentle and precise treatments for ingrown toenails to alleviate discomfort.

- Fungal Toenails: Comprehensive solutions for fungal toenail infections to restore healthy nails.

- Corns & Calluses: Expert removal and prevention strategies for corns and calluses.

 Warts & Other Skin Lesions: Accurate diagnosis and effective treatments for skin lesions, including warts.

- Plantar Fasciitis: Specialized care for plantar fasciitis, addressing heel pain and discomfort.

- Heel Pain & Heel Spurs: Targeted treatments for heel pain, including heel spurs, to improve mobility.

- Trauma, Fractures & Sprains: Prompt evaluation and treatment for foot and ankle injuries, including fractures and sprains.

- Tendinitis: Expert management of tendinitis to promote healing and reduce pain.

Your Trusted Foot and Ankle Specialists Drs. Monif M. Matouk and Dr. Sarah Matouk are dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate care for a wide range of foot and ankle conditions. Trust us to help you regain your mobility, alleviate discomfort,

and improve your overall foot health.

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