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My Story

Dr. Tony Gabriels, originally from India, embarked on his medical journey at the Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences in South India. Passionate about pediatric care, he pursued two pediatric residencies, one in his home country and the other in New York, accumulating a wealth of experience over six dedicated years.

With a commitment to providing the best care for children, Dr. Gabriels has served as an attending physician for seven years, contributing to the well-being of young patients. His total clinical experience, combining residency and attending roles, spans an impressive 12 years, showcasing his dedication to the field of Primary Care Pediatrics.

Beyond the medical setting, Dr. Tony Gabriels unwinds by indulging in his hobbies. A movie enthusiast, he enjoys watching films for relaxation. Additionally, Dr. Gabriels engages in strategic thinking and mental agility through the game of chess.

Dr. Tony Gabriels' diverse background, extensive clinical experience, and genuine interest in the well-being of children make him a compassionate and skilled practitioner in the realm of Primary Care Pediatrics.

    "Our team for your loved ones is more than a group; it's a dedicated collective of compassionate hearts, seasoned expertise, and unwavering commitment. In oue care, your loved ones receive not just treatment but a symphony of support and understanding. Our unwavering compassion creates a healthcare haven where trust is earned, extending far beyond the treatment room to envelop your loved ones in safety, healing, and genuine concern."

- Dr. Tony Gabriels

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