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My Story

Juliette Tamagni, a native of Salinas, CA, has forged a distinguished path in the field of healthcare. She successfully graduated from the Stanford Physician Assistant Program in 1990 and, earlier, completed the Hartnell College Nursing Program in 1985.

Juliette specializes in Family Practice, Pediatrics, and Women's Health, demonstrating a commitment to comprehensive and compassionate medical care. Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds fulfillment in

the company of her five children and three grandchildren, with the joyful expectation of two more additions to

the family.

Cooking and an avid appreciation for all sports contribute to Juliette's vibrant array of hobbies. Among the various celebrations, Christmas holds a special place as her favorite holiday.

"I enjoy providing medical care to paients of the Los Banos community over

over the last 12 years."

- Juliette Tamagni, PA-C

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