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My Story

Savuth Kem is a dedicated Physician Assistant with over 16 years of experience in family medicine, urgent care, and ultrasound/radiology. Born in Cambodia and raised in Clovis, California, Savuth's multicultural background has enriched his approach to patient care and community engagement.

After graduating from the San Joaquin Physician Assistant Program in 2007, Savuth embarked on a fulfilling career focused on providing compassionate and comprehensive medical services to individuals and families. His expertise spans a wide range of medical fields, including primary care, acute care, and diagnostic imaging.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Savuth finds joy and fulfillment in family life. He is happily married and a proud father of two children. Together, they share a passion for travel, often exploring different countries to experience diverse cuisines and immerse themselves in various cultures. Savuth's family particularly enjoys trips to snowy destinations, relishing the opportunity to engage in winter activities and create cherished memories together.

Savuth Kem's commitment to healthcare excellence, coupled with his enthusiasm for global exploration and family adventures, reflects his balanced and compassionate approach to both his professional and personal life.

    "Your health is my priority, and together we can achieve wellness through compassion, knowledge, and partnership."

- Savuth Kem, PA-C

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