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My Story

Swaranjit Gill demonstrates an analytical mind as evidenced by his early years as a medical
graduate from India; medical intern in Houston, Texas; and analytical chemist in Modesto, California.


While he was working as a chemist, he pursued and completed his initial registered nurse (RN) training
at Modesto College in Modesto, California. He excelled in his studies, earned numerous scholarships,

and graduated with summa cum laude. He moved on to Modesto Memorial Hospital to work in medical-
surgical, oncology, diabetes, and dialysis units for three years. In 2000, Gill began at Sonoma State

University his Master of Science in Nursing concentrating on family nurse practitioner (FNP) specialty. A
simultaneous interest in advanced practice nursing and nursing education led Gill to work at Emanuel
Medical Center in Turlock, California to work as an RN educator, diabetes educator, and certified
pediatric advanced life support instructor for nine years. At the same time, Gill worked as an FNP
providing primary care, pain management, and psychiatric health for over 9 years at Horizons Unlimited
Healthcare. Gill decided to focus his practice at Madera County Behavioral Health Services as a mental
health provider.


In 2017, Gill completed his post-master’s certificate for psychiatric nurse practitioner.
With a strong desire to supplement his advanced practice nursing skills with evidence-based research,
Gill returned to California State University in Fresno, California and obtained his Doctorate in Nursing
Practice (DNP). The DNP program was a very intensive, leaving Gill with little time to study for his
psychiatric NP certification.


After post-graduation, Gill passed his psychiatric nurse practitioner ANCC
board certification examination. While working as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Gill found out that
there is shortage of providers for neurodiverse population. Then Gill completed certification courses in
autism from UC Davis, California. Moreover, Gill completed advanced training in leadership in
neurodevelopmental disabilities from UC Davis MIND institute and UC Irvine in California. Currently, Gill
is enrolled in advanced practice scholar program at Almost Home Kids in Chicag
o, Illinois.

“Anything is possible, but you must have a genuine interest in helping patients because it is
the passion, not the money, that leaves a big impact on people.”

                                                           - Dr. Swaranjit Gill 

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