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My Story

Dr. Monif M. Matouk's life is a testament to resilience, perseverance, and an unwavering pursuit of knowledge and success. From immigrating to the United States at 14 to his significant contributions in medicine, academia, and faith, his journey is one of inspiration and achievement.

Starting in Syria, Dr. Matouk arrived in the U.S. in 1979, facing a snowstorm at O'Hare airport in Chicago. Despite the challenges, his dreams for a brighter future led to a transformative adventure.

Beginning his educational journey at Von Steuben High School in 1980, Dr. Matouk demonstrated a commitment to learning and adapting to a new educational system. Three years later, he embraced independence, working full-time to meet financial obligations. Balancing work and education, Dr. Matouk faced challenges that led to a temporary hiatus from high school. In 1985, he married, bringing joy and purpose with the arrival of three children.

Undeterred by setbacks, Dr. Matouk resumed his education, earning a GED in 1987 and achieving academic success at DePaul University. His dedication led to degrees in liberal arts and biological sciences, culminating in a Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine in 2001. His medical training included residencies at Cook County Hospital and St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, showcasing his commitment to excellence.

Beyond medicine, Dr. Matouk played pivotal roles in spiritual leadership and community service. His journey in faith led him to become an ordained minister, contributing significantly to various Christian congregations. An accomplished author, Dr. Matouk penned novels and works of poetry, showcasing his literary talents. In his professional life, Dr. Matouk serves as the CEO and Chairman of Genesis Pharmaceuticals, founded in 2014. He practices as an independent practitioner in podiatry, specializing in wound care and limb salvage. His extensive experience includes roles at Foot and Ankle Podiatric and Orthopedic Care, True Care Foot and Ankle Institute, and Midwest Orthopedic Consultants. Dr. Matouk's commitment to education is evident in his research contributions and teaching roles. His scientific publications and lectures enriched the medical community.

    "At Foot and Ankle Podiatric and Orthopedic Care, we believe in providing compassionate care with integrity and excellence. Being a physician is not only a job, but a calling that I take very seriously.  As my patient, you will be treated with respect, tenderness and compassion and will be given the time necessary in order to address your concerns.  You will be encouraged to participate in your own care and educated on the causes of your condition and the best prevention and treatment options. ""

- Dr. Monif M. Matouk

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