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My Story

Dr. Sarah Matouk's life journey is a tapestry woven with threads of diverse experiences, from her roots in Syria until the age of 14 to the vibrant landscape of Chicago, where she spent the remainder of her youth and the majority of her adulthood.

Her educational path led her to the College of Podiatric Medicine, where she embraced the intricacies of foot and ankle care, graduating as a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon in 2001. With over 22 years of experience, Dr. Matouk has become a seasoned professional in the field.

Beyond the medical realm, Dr. Sarah Matouk finds joy and fulfillment in various creative pursuits. Whether she's cooking up culinary delights, tending to her garden, expressing herself through painting, crafting with wood, or capturing thoughts in writing, her interests reflect a diverse and artistic spirit.

Family holds a special place in Dr. Matouk's heart, with her grandchildren bringing an added dimension of joy and love to her life.

In her role as a healthcare provider, Dr. Sarah Matouk goes beyond the conventional. She sees each patient not just as a medical case but as an extended family member. Devoting care and devotion to each individual and their health, Dr. Matouk creates an atmosphere of compassion and personalized attention.

    "I think of all my patients as extended family members. I devote much care and devotion to each one and into their health."

- Dr. Sarah Matouk

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