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My Story

Debbie Perry is a devoted healthcare professional from Dos Palos, California, with a strong career in the medical field. She started her journey at Modesto Junior College, building the groundwork for her passion for healthcare and dedication to doing her best.

For the last 32 years, Debbie has been a steadfast presence in the medical world, using her skills as a Registered Nurse and Clinic Administrator. Her extensive experience shows her deep understanding of taking care of patients and managing the ins and outs of healthcare, making her a valuable part of the medical community.

Outside of work, Debbie enjoys simple pleasures. She loves being in nature, taking walks and hikes for relaxation. Traveling is something she loves too, exploring new places and cultures. During her free time, you'll find Debbie tending to her garden, finding peace and beauty in the soil. Family is very important to Debbie. She adores her grandchildren and spends precious moments with them, showing care and love. Her nurturing and caring personality extends beyond the clinic, creating a friendly and warm environment for everyone.

    "I hope that my efforts have made a measurable impact on the community", as I am very proud to have been very influential & detrimental working by Dr Devireddy's side throughout the journey of creating 3 Medical Clinics to serve the medical needs of our communities."

- Debbie Perry RN

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