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Detailed Descriptions

Physicals (regular, immigration, CHDP & sports)

Regular Physical: Each doctor’s physical is slightly different, however, all include an eye exam, hearing exam, measurements, & exam of the body.

Please check with your insurance prior to visit for copayment amount, what is covered (some insurances do not cover eye or hearing exams) & the number allowed per year (ask if you have already used your visit(s) for the time period). If your allotment has been used for the time period, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the visit & all examinations.

Sports Physical: Bring paperwork from school on the date of visit. We can not keep copies of the paperwork from the school.

Immigration: Be sure to bring your form sent from the State of California. Physicals are the full responsibility of the patient.


Immunizations include Hep B, Pentacel, Prevnar, RotaTeq, MMR, Varivax, Hep A, Dtap, Hib, Kinrix, Varicella, Menactra, & Gardasil series (series of 3 both boys and girls).

For a schedule of when these shots are needed please see the Immunization Calendar


Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the tissue covering the head of the penis. Circumcisions usually occur within the first 10 days after birth. Premature babies or those who have special medical concerns may not be circumcised until they’re ready to leave the hospital or upon the doctor’s approval. The doctor will discuss with you the method of the procedure, pros & cons, as well as what to expect once the procedure is complete. For more information, please click here.

We require full payment for this visit. Most insurances do not cover this procedure. If your insurance does cover circumcisions, you will need to call for an approval code (prior to the visit) & provide us with it upon the office visit.

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