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Heavy Backpacks Can Spell Chronic Back Pain for Children
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New York Times – April 23, 2012   My 11-year-old grandsons, Stefan and Tomas, weigh about 80 pounds each. On the 20-minute walk to their middle school and the uphill walk home, they carry backpacks that weigh about 12 pounds each, or 15 percent of their body weight. When extra books or clothing, a musical […]
FDA Issues Warning on Controversial MS Treatment
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HealthNews Daily – May 10, 2012   Doctors and patients need to be aware of the potential risk of injuries and death associated with an experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis called liberation therapy, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in an alert issued Thursday. Liberation therapy is used to treat chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency […]
Arthritis Pill From Pfizer Wins Support of U.S. Panel
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New York Times – May 9, 2012   A federal advisory panel recommended approval on Wednesday of a rheumatoid arthritis pill that could offer patients an alternative to the injectable medicines already on the market, but several members expressed concern about safety and urged the Food and Drug Administration to require rigorous follow-up studies. The arthritis advisory committee voted 8 to […]
Is Sunscreen Flammable?
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New York Times – June 6, 2012   News that a Massachusetts man suffered severe burns while using a backyard grill — just after applying sunscreen spray — has raised new fears about sunscreen products. But dermatologists and burn experts called it a freak occurrence caused not by the sunscreen itself, but by the fact […]
Signs for Preeclampsia in Pregnant Women
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Health Day News – May 4, 2012  Preeclampsia occurs when there’s a swift and significant spike in blood pressureduring pregnancy. It can be dangerous for both the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. The Womenshealth.gov website says affected pregnant women may have these typical symptoms of preeclampsia: High blood pressure. Swollen hands and face. High levels of protein in the urine. […]
Migraine Triggers & How to Avoid Them
By In News Posted June 27, 2015 0 Comments
What causes a migraine is still a mystery, but doctors are aware of a variety of factors that have been shown to initiate migraines. These factors are called triggers, and for people with migraines, avoiding them may be the only way to avoid a migraine. Each person’s triggers will be different. For some migraine sufferers, […]

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