Important New Patient Information

As a new patient to Apex Medical Group, you will be required to fill out authorization forms & a patient history questionnaire. Please come in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to help facilitate this & so you may be on time for your appointment. To expedite the process be sure to bring in the following items.

Things to bring in:

  • A photo ID. If for the child, we will need both parent’s ID cards.
  • Insurance Card(s) & Information. Please notify your insurance of Apex as your new provider prior to your office visit, if necessary.
  • Any medication that is taken currently. A history of previous medication is preferred as well.
  • Previous Provider Information. Name, address and phone number of the last provider so that we can request medical records.
  • Immunization card is mandatory (only for children/patients under 18)
  • Co-Payment/Deductible (needs to be paid in full, no partial payments are accepted). We accept cash, credit card & checks.
Hours Of Operation

The Primary Clinic is open: Mon – Fri 8 a.m to 7 p.m
and Sat & Sun 8 a.m to 5 p.m


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